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Machining System

Standalone CAM system

Standalone CAM system FFCAM

FFCAM is the CAM software that has been developed by machine tool maker Makino.
Our product offers you the simple operation with multiple function and high performance.
And this also can offer you our advanced technical approach or solution.

3D CAM software

3D CAM software FFAUT

FFAUT for Siemens Unigraphics NX. High-efficiency machining can only be accomplished by combining advanced machining technologies with NC data suitable for HSM.

EDM System

For NC EDM Machines CAM system

For NC EDM Machines CAM system EDcam

Utilization of 3D data at EDM machining site.
Improving efficiency by eliminating mistakes due to manual input.

For Wire EDM Machines CAM system

For Wire EDM Machines CAM system WIZ

WIZ is the most advanced CAM system for wire electric discharge machines developed for precise parts, die and mold.