Open "CAD/CAM Software" site.
Check the CAD/CAM software infomation from Makino on one site.

"MAKINO CAD/CAM Software" site is established on Oct. 28th. 2010.
It contains following software information;

  1. 3D CAD/CAM system -- FF/eye
  2. 3D CAM system -- FF/cam
  3. Polygon model CAM system -- STLCAM

This site is opened to promote a deeper understanding of CAD/CAM software from MAKINO.
It is comprehensive source to send information about CAD/CAM software from MAKINO.

We want to update the information for the users and customer who are considering to adopt our software.

We keep updating this site to enhance the function and contents.

We hope that we can live up to your expectations.

Oct. 28th. 2010

Product Development Group, S.I.T. Division
Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd.